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As specified in the Cal Grant Program Institutional Participation Agreement, under California Education Code Section 69432.7(l)(2)(A), institutions must provide an access point for prospective and current students to view the institution's license examination passage rates. Passage rates provided must be for the most recent available year and be for graduates of its undergraduate programs leading to employment for which passage of a California licensing examination is required, if that data is electronically available through the internet Web site of the licensing agency.

Nursing, Registered

Associates Degree in Nursing - Registered Nursing

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PLEASE NOTE: The following information is subject to change. Please bookmark this site and refer to it frequently for updates. Please read its contents carefully as you plan your application to the Program.

We regret that the SCC Registered Nursing Program will not be accepting any new applications for Fall 2021, and the applications site will not be open on September 1, 2020, as has been previously posted on our website.

The SCC Registered Nursing Program is very competitive and impacted. We routinely have many more students who apply each year than we are able to accommodate, and the current circumstances involving the coronavirus pandemic have made this even more challenging. Given this impacted situation, we are unable to accept any applicants for the Fall 2021 cohort.

We encourage all prospective applicants to continue to watch our website for updates to learn when we will resume accepting applications. Please note that any TEAS results and/or transcripts already sent to the College will be retained and reviewed for future applications.

We regret any disappointment and inconvenience that this decision may cause. Our expectation is that the College will accept applications again in 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Answers to questions about the Registered Nursing Program can be found online below, by email to, or by meeting with an SCC Counselor.

Important Note: Solano Community College remains a drug- and smoke-free campus. A student will not be allowed to begin the Nursing Program without a negative drug screen (including marijuana/cannabis). Any student with a positive drug screen, at any point in the program, will be denied placement and participation at the clinical facilities and will be required to withdraw from the SCC Nursing Program.

Attention Prospective Registered Nursing Applicants:

Solano Community College continues to comply with current state and Solano County polices and protocols regarding safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. All instruction, with limited exceptions, will be conducted online, and the campus continues to limit in-person activities, including live-proctored testing, at this time.

Prosepective applicants should visit to register for and submit payment to take the exam at another location or online. Information may be found at Please request to have ATI send scores directly to Solano Community College.

We regret any inconvenience that this may cause and hope that circumstances will enable us to serve as a testing location again in the near future. Thank you for understanding the importance of continuing to maintain a safe campus for all. We wish you much success on the ATI TEAS!

Please continue to check this website for updated announcements. Thank you!

Application Process

The Appplication has been deactivated until such time as we resume accepting applications.

  1. Please read the full details of the application process here
  2. Please have the following information on hand:
    • Unofficial transcripts
    • Solano Student ID Number
    • Nursing Pre-Major and General Education Requirement Check Sheet (obtained from Counselor)
    • Proof of high school graduation or equivalent
    • Copy of your TEAS test results
  3. The link has been deactivated until such time as we resume accepting applications,

The Registered Nursing Program at Solano Community College is a 2-year Associate Degree Program fully approved by the California State Board of Registered Nursing and is subject to its regulations regarding the education and training of nurses. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to become a Registered Nurse. The practice of nursing requires knowledge of the biological, behavioral, and physical sciences, as well as knowledge of, and the ability to speak, to read, and to write the English language proficiently. This program follows the policy of non-discrimination set forth by the Governing Board of Solano Community College.

AS Degree
  • Nursing, Registered

Emergency Medical Technician

The School of Health Sciences offers a Job-Direct Low Unit Certificate in Emergency Medical Technician. For the certificate, a student must complete EMT 112 Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) successfully. This course, for which the pre-requisite is successful completion of EMT 128 Emergency Medical Responder, will prepare students to take the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) Exam as required by the state of California for certification. Certification enables students to qualify for employment with ambulance services, fire or rescue services, search and rescue crews, ski patrol, or related pre-hospital emergency care positions.

EMT Info -

Emergency Medical Technician Job-Direct Low Unit Certificate
  • Emergency Medical Technician I

LVN to RN Program

Attention Prosepective LVN to RN Applicants

Effective June 12, 2017, and until further notice, the Solano Community College Registered Nursing Program will suspend accepting new applications for the LVN to RN Program. See link below for additional information.

For additional information: Contact the School of Health Sciences Office at (707) 864-7108 or by email @

Thank you so much for your interest in the Nursing Program at Solano Community College (SCC) and its LVN to RN Advanced Placement program.

SCC no longer has a guaranteed annual class of LVN to RN Advanced Placement students; rather, students are now admitted on a space-available basis into the Registered Nursing program. For this reason, it is very unpredictable estimating how long it may take for a space to become available for students wishing to enter the SCC Nursing Program in this way. The average rate of getting an available space in the program over the last five years has been less than 20%. Thus, the faculty, staff, and administration at SCC fear that applicants may wait for a very long time for space as a LVN to RN Advanced Placement at SCC. If you continue to wish to enter an Advanced Placement LVN to RN program, we suggest you look for a college that has a dedicated LVN to RN cohort admitted annually or semi-annually.

However, there is some positive news; we have changed our admission policy and LVNs are now able to apply directly to our generic Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) program where the chances of actual matriculation during the first year of application are more than three times greater than the LVN to RN pathway. If you choose to apply this way you would start as a first semester nursing student with the rest of the class without any advanced placement granted. The stipulation is that you can only apply at SCC Nursing one way, either as LVN to RN Advanced Placement or as a generic student, so you would have to choose. If you choose to apply as a generic ADN student, please note that you may not request that advanced placement be granted or that you switch to the other program midway.

The generic ADN program class is drawn through a computerized lottery system. Historically, applicants have had a 65% or better chance of being accepted their first application year with the lottery, with the chances improving in succeeding application years. Also, we believe that LVNs who participate in the first semester would receive an excellent review to solidify their fundamentals going forward in the program.

Please note that the application period for the ADN generic program is September 1-30, 2019. More information about the application process and the SCC ADN program can be found on, go to A-Z index and find Nursing under N.

AS Degree Job-Direct Program
  • Nursing - Career Mobility
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Emergency Medical Technician I

Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide

Attention Prospective C.N.A. Students:

Solano Community College is complying with the Solano County "Shelter at Home" order issued on March 18, 2020, and the California "Shelter-in-Place" order issued on March 19, 2020. Until the College receives notification from county and state officials confirming that these orders have been lifted, there will be no in-person instruction or activities conducted on campus.

It is our hope that we will be able to resume the C.N.A. program in Spring 2021. However, this will be subject to the status of the College's polices regarding face-to-face classes at that time. Please continue to check this website for updated announcements regarding the C.N.A. program and future C.N.A. Orientations. Thank you!

Attention Prospective Certified Nursing Assistant Students

The School of Health Sciences will be accepting applications for the Summer 2020 course in Certified Nursing Assistant (NURS 103) in the division office, Room 805B (Bldg. 800), following a required information meeting which will take place on April 15, 2020, from 3:00 pm to 5 pm in Room 812. Students will be cleared to register for the course by the Division Administrative Assistant (through a randomized lottery if there more applicants than available seats).

Interested students are required to attend the information meeting on the Main Campus in Fairfield: Wednesday, April 15, 2020, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in Room 812. Applications and other required forms will be available at the meeting.

This course runs 8 weeks during weekdays and the weekends. Exact dates and times for lectures, labs, and clinical sessions will be posted in the SCC Online schedule as soon as they are available.

All days, times, and locations are subject to change.

Please contact a counselor or the School of Health Sciences (707) 864-7108 for additional assistance.

Please see the links below for information about the course and the application process. Please read and be prepared to follow the steps in the Student Application Checklist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please refer to the link for Parking for detailed information about parking on campus. Visitors to campus who will be staying longer than 30 minutes must buy a PERMIT, or risk getting a ticket.

For additional information about the Certified Nursing Assistant program, please email


This program is designed to allow students to transfer into baccalaureate programs in Nutrition and Food Science. The program prepares individuals to integrate and apply the principles of the food and nutrition sciences, human behavior, and the biomedical sciences to design and manage effective nutrition programs. Students will learn how to utilize food for human growth and development in a variety of settings including health care, food service, business and industry (product development, marketing, consulting), education and research, health promotion, and private practice counseling.

AS-T Degree
  • Nutrition for Transfer


This program is designed for students planning to transfer to a four-year university to major or minor in dance. A comprehensive dance education will develop skills required to create, perform, communicate, and grasp the essence of dance.
These skills are acquired through the study of modern technique, ballet technique, jazz technique, hip-hop technique, ballroom technique, performance, as well as dance production, dance appreciation, choreography composition and music fundamentals.

AA Degree
  • Dance

Kinesiology for Transfer

Successful completion of the Associate in Arts in Kinesiology for Transfer degree prepares students to transfer into the CSU system and work in the sub-fields of Kinesiology. Students will learn about human functioning during sport and exercise, how exercise science and biomechanics is integrated into exercise program development, and observation and assessment of human performance.

AS-T Degree
  • Kinesiology for Transfer

Sports Medicine/Fitness Science

Designed to allow students to transfer into baccalaureate programs in Physical Education or related areas with a Sports Medicine emphasis. The broad field of Sports Medicine/Fitness Science includes post-baccalaureate employment opportunities in teaching, athletic training, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor learning, sports orthopedics, sports podiatry, sports psychology, cardiac rehabilitation, EKG technician, and fitness technician.

AS Degree
  • Sports Medicine / Athletic Training