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IGETC Worksheet Instructions

See a counselor for explanation  or certification of this agreement.

This agreement allows certification of completion of lower-division (freshman-sophomore) General Education for transfer to the California public university systems -- CSU (California State University) and most majors at most UC (University of California) campuses.

It is not recommended for most students in “high-unit” majors such as Bioscience, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics,  etc.

All areas must be completed with the number of courses and units indicated BEFORE transfer to the university.  Each class must be completed with a grade of at least C.

Although there are no “catalog rights” to IGETC, a course must be listed at the time completed to be counted for certification..

This agreement also can be used for “Option B” for SCC Associate Degrees.  A Liberal Arts Associate Arts Degree can be earned by completing:

  1. 60 units

  2. This agreement with either the UC foreign language requirement, or the CSU Speech Requirement

  3. The Cross Cultural Requirement (see blue Option B SCC Graduation Requirements sheet), AND

  4. A petition for graduation by the calendar deadline.

When you have completed IGETC, request certification by an SCC counselor, and submit the request to the Office of Admissions & Records (OAR) along with your request to send a transcript to a particular university which has requested it.

Some majors at some UC campuses do not accept IGETC certification.  Please see a Solano College counselor for more information.