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Planning to Transfer

Transfer students need to plan their coursework carefully.  Courses they take should, first, help them meet the minimum admission requirements for transfer.  In addition, students should select community college courses that partially or completely fulfill a variety of other University requirements.

Students increase their chances for admission and success after transferring if they develop and follow a pre-transfer plan of college coursework.  Many prospective transfer students know which UC campus and program they wish to attend and have a general knowledge of University requirements, however, this is not enough to ensure a successful transfer.  It is essential that students research the specific requirements of their intended major and campus and the community college courses that are approved to meet these requirements.  The courses students take to meet University requirements must be transferable. 

Knowing what the requirements are and planning their community college program around them will maximize students' chances for admission to their first-choice campus and program.  Meeting requirements in advance will give students more freedom when selecting courses once they enroll in the University.  They may also be able to complete their undergraduate education within four years, without having to attend additional terms to meet requirements or take prerequisites. Information to assist in the transfer process is available in a variety of UC publications, including Answers for Transfers and the campus General Catalog.

Please use to check which Solano classes are transferable to Cal. State or U.C. Campuses. logo, Transfer Information for California
As a prospective transfer student, it is important to make sure that the community college courses you take are acceptable to the university for transfer credit. ASSIST is California's official statewide repository of transfer information for the CSU and UC university systems, offering easy access to a single database of course transfer information. ASSIST will help you determine if you will receive credit for courses you've already taken or plan to take and how those courses will apply to a specific academic major or general education requirement.

Paying for UCs

Student Financial Support at the UC Office of the President wants students to know that a UC degree is financially achievable. They have released a series of short 90-second videos answering the top questions students have about the cost of attendance and how to pay for their education.

These videos are public and do not required a Facebook or Twitter account to view.

UC also hosted a student panel to get their perspective on how they were able to afford a UC education:

  • Think you can’t afford UC? Students and alums share how they made it work.  Facebook   (31:01)